Animation & Digital Humanities

Adding Fur to a stylized mouse using Xgen

In this seven part series I will be adding fur to my stylized mouse using Xgen in Maya.  This work flow has been one that has never given me problems.

Today I will start a short series on adding fur to a character in Maya, using Xgen and rendering in Renderman RIS. This video will be how to prepare the model for the best results.

In this video I will open Xgen and apply basic settings to add fur to my character. I will also preview some basic features in the Xgen fur settings.

In this video I will finalize the settings in Xgen for my fur.

In this session I will finalize the material settings as well as grooming the fur for the best results

In this video I will add whiskers and eyebrows to the character using Xgen and applying a renderman material

In this video I will add eyelashes to my model using the technique I applied in the last video in Xgen and then applying the same materials used for the whiskers

In this final and short video I will demonstrate mirroring the Whiskers, Eyebrows, and Eyelashes from the left side to the right side of my model.