Animation & Digital Humanities

Various Videos on Material and Texture Creation and Management

In this video I will be discussing how to correctly add texture maps to Renderman’s PxrSurface shader for PBR Rendering. Note: At approximately 30:28 I plugged in a metal map into a roughness node. Thanks to “MaB” for catching that error.

In this video I will show how to configure Substance Painter for creating a PBR Texture set for use with Rendermans PxrSurface shader.

In this video I will demonstrate adding Renderman for Blender and creating a texture set for PBR Rendering using the Renderman V21 PxrSurface Shader

Today l will discuss the importance of Texel density in UV mapping and how to determine correct UV maps and Texture sizing. I also want to thank Leonardo Iezzi for his great tutorial on Texel Density at… as well as the Blender addon for Texel Density